Stevie Davies

A consistent theme which runs through my work is texture and fine detail. I am drawn to working with processes that are intricate and quite precise, often working with very small hand cut glass elements, layering them up into a design which becomes one larger installation. I find intrigue in objects that entice the viewer in, when they feel the need to look extremely closely at the tiny details or even find that the surface is one they just have to touch. This is an important aspect to my art, as well as them being able to appreciate the overall aesthetic of a piece.

My signature style ‘Interfused Glass’ is continuingly developing and I am excited to have the opportunity to develop a range of wall based art, 3d forms and jewellery. The process starts with thousands of pieces cut or crushed glass being placed on the base of the kiln. Manipulating the layering and positioning of these cold pieces of glass as well as the firing schedule can give endless exciting effects. There is often a set of cold working techniques to do, followed by multiple firings in order to finish each one off piece.