James Green

I create prints using linocut and screen-print techniques.

I started printmaking because of my cat, Otto. Never having done any printmaking before, I felt compelled one day to create a print of him. After this I was hooked, and I’ve been printmaking ever since. I love the limitations of the mediums, and the way they make you think creatively to produce an image.

My work falls into three camps, ‘landscapes’, ‘wildlife’ and ‘donkeys’. Now you might wonder why donkeys have their own category, being wildlife, so I’ll explain. My donkeys exist in a different (and somewhat abstract) place, where they are free to have adventures, and get up to no good, without us pesky humans getting in the way.

I really enjoy creating prints of all these subjects, and the puzzles each subject throws at you, whether that be chimneys, beaks or donkeys on top of mountains.