Nat Deane

I work from my home cellar studio in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, creating a variety of original oil paintings, watercolours, screen-prints and cards. All my screen printing is done at West Yorkshire Print Workshop. Screen prints are hand pulled by me! They are usually produced in limited editions of between 10 and 70. I start my oil paintings in batch groups of colours associated to the landscapes I have studied. This is the fun part as I play with colour and shape. The colour mixing and mark making is really important, I use oodles of white to create lighter shades that make a workable background for the illustrative image.

My screen-prints differ from my oil paintings in that they use flat colour on trend contemporary backgrounds. I always collect my own original source images outdoors, nothing I create comes from a stock image online. The nature of the weight, stance and position of the sheep or pig is crucial to me feeling happy with an image and progressing this into an artwork. I love this research part of what I do, it connects me to the animal subjects.