Artfest Artist Ambassadors

These artists, selected for their skill and expertise in their chosen field, have kindly offered their support to Artfest Holmfirth in its inaugural year. Many of them will also be joining the other selected artists over the weekend of 16th & 17th of November 2019 with their work, please see individual artist details for those that will be standing over the weekend.

James Green

I started printmaking because of my cat, Otto. Never having done any printmaking before, I felt compelled one day to create a print of him. After this I was hooked, and I’ve been printmaking ever since. I love the limitations of the mediums, and the way they make you think creatively to produce an image.

My work falls into three camps, ‘landscapes’, ‘wildlife’ and ‘donkeys’. Now you might wonder why donkeys have their own category, being wildlife, so I’ll explain. My donkeys exist in a different (and somewhat abstract) place, where they are free to have adventures, and get up to no good, without us pesky humans getting in the way.

I really enjoy creating prints of all these subjects, and the puzzles each subject throws at you, whether that be chimneys, beaks or donkeys on top of mountains.

James will be exhibiting at Artfest Holmfirth 2019

Shirley Vauvelle

Shirley’s work is varied but linked by the love of weathered surfaces. She creates wall hung or freestanding sculptures, using white earthenware to hand build flower components, small creatures , birds and fish. Texture is embossed into the surface. Under glazes slips and oxides are applied to give layers of colour. These are then assembled together with wire, reclaimed maps and wave worn finds from the local beaches. Her inspiration comes from her continually evolving garden, her love of the coast, country walks with her dog and the fun of creating objects that are a little bit different and quirky. Influences emerge from Scandinavian art and design and naïve art. She loves impressing pattern, layering texture and colour to create pieces that are totally individual, each have a little tale to tell. Her work is in private collections in Uk, America, Australia and Europe

Shirley will be exhibiting at Artfest Holmfirth 2019

Vivienne Sillar

Vivienne was born in Glasgow in 1958 and spent every summer in the village of Kildonan, Isle of Arran. She now divides her time between living in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and also regularly visiting Kildonan several times a year. These two places are a constant source of inspiration; moorlands and the coast.

Trained at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen (1976 -1981) she specialised in sculpture and ceramics. Soon after graduating she started a 30 year period of working in Arts Administration, Gallery Education and Lecturer in Art and Design, working in Sunderland, Cumbria, Sheffield and Chesterfield. Having worked at helping others to show, appreciate and create artwork she has now returned to focussing on her own creativity.

Influences in her work are the natural world; both: sea-life and birds as well as patterns in nature.

Streamlined, fluid shapes of birds and sea creatures are a source of inspiration for me as a sculptor in clay. Clay forms are hand built and then burnished. I employ diverse materials such as seaweed, banana skins, and avocados in the smoke firings to create the random markings on the surface of each piece. Each work is unique and cannot be repeated. These are smooth tactile sculptures that beg to be held and touched.

Viv will be exhibiting at Artfest Holmfirth 2019

Charlotte Whitmore

Born in Derbyshire and brought up in Bingley, West Yorkshire. After leaving school she spent two years at Bradford Art college studying jewellery design gaining an OND then acquiring a BA (hons) degree in 3D Design from Sheffield Hallam University in the early 1990’s.

Much of her work is unique due to the combination of materials: the use of vintage plastics such as bakelite, silver and vintage glass to add colour which she sources from all over the world. Victorian boot buttons found in a small shop on the Isles of Scilly have been used in pendants and bangles,
Plastic sourced from old Bakelite tiddly winks and vintage buttons made from Cellulose, Lucite and Casein. These are often acquired in small batches which means the pieces they are incorporated into can not be repeated.

The pieces she creates are either one offs or batch produced in small numbers. Pattern and texture feature in her work, most of which is created by hand stamping onto silver. The stamps used are either handmade by Charlotte or antique / salvaged; which means that the prints and marks are unique to her work.

Charlotte will be exhibiting at Artfest Holmfirth 2019

Lindsey Tyson

An Artist and qualified Textile Designer, Lindsey creates Felt art and home accessories from her studio in Scarborough.

“The word ‘Felt’ brings with it a variety of reactions, some not so positive. My aim is to create sophisticated, quality products that defy their description and alter the unfair perception that felt has to be thick, brightly coloured and unsophisticated. I utilise many and varied art techniques and processes within in my work which satisfies my need for variation and creates a unique style.”

Living by the coast, Lindsey is inspired by her surroundings of dramatic scenery and all things natural. Rough seas, moody skies, the colours and patterns within nature.

A myriad of processes and techniques are amalgamated, developed and refined, always pushing boundaries.

Lindsey is unfortunately unable to attend Artfest Holmfirth this year.

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